About Us

About Thunderdome Trackdays

Mizziel and Anthony, Founders of ThunderdomeXP, inspire others to live a positive and active lifestyle. Through the automotive and extreme sports industries, they push their limits with the intention to encourage others to do the same through physical and mental challenges. Their talents range from content creation, acting, stunts and modeling to skills in high adrenaline-driven sports.

Thunderdome Trackdays is where new and experienced motorsports enthusiasts are encouraged to come out and connect with each other while improving their skills in a safe and controlled environment. We provide the experience to ride or race against unique types of vehicles on track and have a designated skid pad for additional riding all day. We also offer other amenities most track days don’t, such as our famous Hooligan Group, free private wheelie and track coaching, music and delicious food for our ThunderdomeXP family to enjoy!