Track Map

Main Track

The main track is .8 miles with 15 turns and is available for registered riders. Track is hot from 9am-5pm.

Required Gear: Full track suit, helmet, boots and gloves OR helmet + motorcycle jacket + pants + close-toed shoes + gloves

Groups are broken down in 15-minute intervals. Group A (Advanced) riders start at the top of the hour, Group B (Intermediate) on the 15 minute mark of every hour, Group C (Beginners) at every half-hour mark, and Group H (Hooligans) on the 45 minute mark of every hour, and so on.

Skid Pad

Our 34,500 sq. ft. skid pad is available all day (9 am-5 pm) for registered riders.

Required Gear: Helmet, gloves, close-toed shoes

A safe space for beginners to learn how to ride. Riders may also warm up their tires before going on the track, practice wheelies, drifting and other stunts on the skid pad. Please be safe and mindful of others on the skid pad. Safety is first!