Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What gear is required?

A. Although we always encourage full suits, we do have two different requirements for the main track and the skid pad. For the main track, we require either a full track suit, helmet, boots and gloves OR a motorcycle jacket, helmet, pants, closed-toed shoes and gloves. For the skid pad, we only require a helmet, gloves and closed-toed shoes.

Thanks to AGVSPORTUSA we also offer motorcycle jackets and gloves for rent in select sizes but MUST be reserved ahead of time. If you love the gear, we have special Thunderdome offers to purchase a variety of gear.

Q. What is Hooligan Group?

A. Hooligan group is what separates us from all other track days. It’s an opportunity for riders to bring vehicles such as ATV’s, Go-Karts, 3-wheelers, etc. to ride the track alongside motorcycles. It’s a fast-paced group for the most part and is not recommended for beginner riders who aren’t familiar with a track day or new to riding/driving in general. For beginners, we recommend utilizing our Skid Pad.


Q. What is the Skid Pad?

A. The Skid Pad is a 34,500 sq/ft. patch of asphalt separate from the main track, and is available to all registered riders. Riders are able to warm up bikes/vehicles, or simply practice riding in between sessions. We also use it as a place to teach riders how to wheelie, for FREE!

Because we offer free wheelie coaching, we do ask that riders respect our coaches time as well as the riders learning by riding considerately and keeping a safe distance from each other. The skid pad is big enough for everyone to share, so please be respectful. Remember, safety is first!


Q. What times are the sessions, rider's meeting, lunch, etc.?

A. Gates open at 8am. Track goes hot from 9am-5pm. Riders meeting is at 8:30am SHARP! We have 4 riding groups with 15-minute intervals. A-Group is at the top of every hour (since the riders meeting will end at 9am, we ask A-group riders to come suited up and ready to hit the track). B-group is on the 15 minute mark. (i.e. 9:15, 10:15,11:15…etc.). C-group is on the half-hour mark and H-group aka “Hooligan” is on the 45 minute mark. At 3pm, we have “Open Session," which means all riders from any level are permitted to ride on the track.

Lunch is served from 12pm-3pm, unless we bring outside vendors in which case, they will set their own times. We need to be out of the gates by 6pm SHARP, so please allow enough time to pack up. We do ask that everyone pick up their trash and please leave the pit area better than when you found it .We appreciate your consideration!


Q. What happens in the rider’s meeting?

A. During the rider’s meeting, we go over several details and important track information, such as direction we will be running for the day and proper exits/entries for the track. We discuss flags, the meaning of them and what to do when you see them. We also give a general layout of how the day will run with sessions, lunch and special fun events we host towards the end of the day.